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Sicily II

This Sicily trip starts in Catania, leads to the north coast of Sicily to Cefalù and Palermo, further along the west coast to Trapani and Agrigento and back to Catania.

We dance at scenic and/or historical sites that we visit from our accommodation:: Himera, Segesta, Selinunte, Valley of the Temples Agrigento ,..

The program of this trip is designed in such a way that it offers something to people interested in Sicilian history and culture as well as enabling dance leaders to explore traditional dances from different eras and cultures. The course instructor has been teaching in this field for 30 years and adapts the content and teaching to the wishes of the participants.

Sicily is not only rich in history, but also in stories: the pupi (giant puppets) recreate the joys and sorrows of love, friendship and struggle of medieval Orlando and the paladins loudly and emotionally.. The diversity of cultures and epochs of Sicily is present in Palermo, not only in the famous buildings such as La Zisa, Palazzo dei Normanni, Cattedrale normanno-araba, but also in today's society. Several cultures and lifestyles still live well together in Palermo today: youth and tradition, tourism and art, ... Despite the great diversity of Palermo, we tear ourselves away after a day to experience other sides of Sicily: the salt pans of Trapani, the Madonie mountains, the nature reserve "dello zingaro",...

During the 14 days in Sicily we will stay 4-5 days in an accommodation and from there we will explore and experience the cultural and geographical sights. This also includes the sea, ultramarine, turquoise and wine-colored, a folklore dance group, colorful, lively and cheerful, and the Sicilian cuisine, diverse, genuine, with oriental flavors. We get to know them partly in small bars, partly our hosts will let us taste them.

Our hosts are agriturismi, i.e. accommodations in the countryside that process their own, mostly organic products. They are sometimes upscale, sometimes simple rustic style. Our first accommodation will be Guarnera - check out the photo gallery on their website to see the unique style of this property! Those participants who are no staying in Guarnera (only 6 beds) will be accommodated in the nearby Masseria del Piano. By the way: Anyone who has fallen in love with Guarnera can rent a cottage for a whole year and use it as they please with the enchanting park around it. Donatella Pucci, the owner of the entire property, will cook for your guests on request. The second accommodation is Tenuta Pizzolungo near Erice and the third Passo dei briganti in Agrigento.

After all these experiences, relaxation is good, preferably on one of the "Pearls of Sicily", the Aeolian Islands, namely on Alicudi. It is the westernmost and most remote. There is only one road a few hundred meters long and no cars, but thousands of stairs and many paths made of natural stone for shoemakers' ponies, but also for mules. In the 1993 film Caro diario by Nanni Moretti, the silence is hard for two Romans who are used to noise, but it is good for most people, especially those from the city. That's why I offer 1 or 2 weeks as an extension option - see below!

Sicily trip II - prices and services (as of Aug. 2022):
Price per person (in a double room) approx. €1250 includes:
14 nights with breakfast
Course fee and tour guide
all transfer costs with minibus in Sicily
Not includes:
14 dinners around €280
14 lunch meals around €100
Entrance fees around €30
Single room surcharge around 300 €
Travel costs Munich - Sicily - Munich around 300 €, depending on the means of transport (train, plane) and category (1-, 2-, 3-, 4-seater couchette/sleeping cars)
Travel connections from Munich
Outbound and return journey Munich - Catania - Munich by train in a couchette or sleeping car, departure in Munich on Friday, return on Sunday, each noon/afternoon
The train journey is quite comfortable, especially in a group with games, reading, chatting. We change trains once in Bolzano, Bologna or Rome (depending on the connection), where we continue in couchette or sleeping cars. On Saturday we arrive well rested in Catania in the morning or afternoon (depending on the connection). I will get the train tickets for the participants at no extra charge.
Air travelers should be in Catania no later than 18:30 on Saturday to take advantage of the free transfer to the accommodation.
If no extension is booked, the day of return is Saturday for both train and air travelers. According to the flight schedules, air travelers are usually back in Munich on the same day. Train travelers come back to Munich on Sunday. Flexibility in terms of departure and return times is recommended, as the possible travel connections depend on the time of registration. Early registration is recommended in any case, also to get the coveted 2-seater sleeping car places.

Extension option: For 1 extension week Alicudi - see here - the following costs (approx. 500 €) are to be estimated:
7 nights with rich breakfast in the apartment hotel casa mulino or in one of the houses or rooms mentioned on my Alicudi page: 30 to 50 €/person and day, depending on the category and proximity to the sea.
7 days of self-catering with in-store purchases: approx. €70; a rich menu at the fisherman Silvio or other locals: 30 €
2 crossings with ferries or hydrofoils from Milazzo/Sicily to Alicudi and back: approx. 60 €
2 taxi rides from Milazzo train station to the port and back: approx. 25 €
2 transfers from Catania to Milazzo and back by train: approx. 20 €
2 mule transports of the luggage to and from the accommodation 30 to 70 € depending on the altitude, possibly proportionately (1 mule carries around 80 kg, i.e. 4 - 6 heavy pieces of luggage). If you have light luggage, you can of course carry it on your own shoulders. No mule is needed to go to Casa Mulino, which is located at the very bottom by the sea.

Please send an email to info@giorgio12.eu and I will send you the booking form