BUS e.V. Bewegung und Spiel

Practice of gymnastics for children in München-Schwabing and -Maxvorstadt

In our gymnastic club, a non-profit organisation, we allow to the children to make many experiences of movements. This is our most important object.

In gymnastic halls of public scools in München-Schwabing and -Maxvorstadt,  leaded from qualified gymnastic- and sport-teachers, the children run, jump, climb, roll, swing, balance, creep and test other movements.

We bring, for the townschildren, the missing nature in the gymnastic hall: For climbing, we build "mountains" from the big and small gymnastic apparatus,  the soft-bottom as "lake" invites to jump in, and the wall bars are our "trees". When the capacities of the children are grown, they put to the test themselves with more difficult apparatus: swing with the ropes over "torrents" and balance over "small bridges" (balance beams)

We try, in addition, to appeal to the musicality and the imagination of the child, with simple dances and roleplaying.

Do you like to go aboard of our BUS with your child?

Please send an email with name, adress, phone and birth dates! WE will take it in our "passenger list" and send you a message when there is a place.

BUS e.V., c/o Giorgio Zankl
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